Charlie Ballard



What People Are Saying:

"I watched all of those outlaugh comedians. you were hands down the best!!! Keep it up"  ! Adam

"I love comedy, Logo, and being indian! you brought my favorite things together for the first time. good job!!!! you forgot to say AAAYE though haha"  g

"Hi Charlie, I think that it's good, most people think that because most Indian folks (myself included) were raised to not have a false face, like walk around with a fake smile all of the time. I personally have spent my entire life having strangers even come up to me and my family and say "why dont you smile more?" dont you guy's ever smile? are you sad or depressed?Urgggg!!! sorry I digress,,,,,,,,we do smile! we do have a sence of humor! we even make jokes about ourselves!!!go figure.Anyway, keep it up"  . Peace, Tina

"Hey I just laughed and laughed when I first heard your comedy. I was like really excited to see a Native comic and then to be queer , well that just makes it better! As far as your material- I think it probably would tickle Natives before anyone else. So I hope this helps you...I really don't have much to say except I think your great, if I think of anything else I will message it to you.  Good luck! I suppose I will go for now and clean up my blanket ass and wash my fry bread face!LOL Now thats a site for sore eyes-right?! Take care Charlie, see you laterz" - Ray

"I think it's funny, real indigenous, but not like the "Go home ndn girl" way LOL"  ! Shawnna

"I like the bit about small pox. "you white boys are cute, but don't cough on me." That's the funniest part of the clip I think"  . Amy

"Hi, Well as a gay native myself I can Definitely relate to what you have to say in your stand-up material. It's a joy knowing that there are such awesome and diverse comedians out there like yourself, and you just crack me up. Also, it's about time more Native comedians were recognized..seeing as how American Indians have such good stories to tell the world, and love to laugh and just have a good time"  .  Selena

"Hey, I've only seen that one video of you. But speaking from that. I would say that its pretty funny... you have to understand native culture to get parts of it, or you need to know the history (the fetish part and the 'non-AIDS but small pox, etc). I love your material! Certainly something different"  . Euge

"Hey Cutie,  OMGarsh you are so freaking hilarious!!! I loved the casino shirt And you are Gorgeous! Are you Dine? I was wondering if you ever make it to the Two Spirit Gatherings? YOu would be a such a wonderful asset (no pun intended :)to the group.  I hope to see to see you there making all of our 2 SPirit family laugh.  BTW your mom is so freaking cute! love her! Take care and have a safe journey in your path"  . OK

"for a guy...he's like seeing people from my own race doin good things"  ... Melinda

"yeah i have already told my co-workers about you and some of my friends, i love laughing and native humour is the best, its raw, its realistic and when the times are hard whether hard or sad there is always a native brother or sister there to say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! take that frown off of your face or I am going to up side the head rez style. bannoc slapping. there is always someone there to try to make us laugh or at least smile. our life is comedy and fun and good times. we try to live life the right way............... to be free and enjoy it. no restrictions"  . Jeremiah

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